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2015: What A Year!

This year was full of controversy, mudslinging, name-calling and that doesn’t even include the presidential campaigns. It seems that no matter which side you were on regarding any issue, someone told you that you were wrong. We learned a lot about our friends that we’d rather not know. Either they were too narrow minded or too open minded. Too pro or too anti. Too liberal or too conservative. They were too political, too religious, too secular, too apathetic. Friendships were lost. People were divided, angry and, the most used word this year… offended.

I learned a lot this year. I learned that we are not entitled to our own opinions, and that whatever our opinions are, they’re wrong. I learned that if we were outraged by anything, we were wrong. We should be outraged about something else – as if there’s a limit on outrage. If we were amused by anything, it was trivial and we should be outraged about something. If they” were offended, we should be too.

I started blogging in April and didn’t start writing down the events of this year until then. Plus, I don’t watch the news very often. So keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of all that happened this year…

That dress. Women’s Soccer. Caitlyn (the dog, not Jenner), Charleston church shooting. Confederate flag. Marriage equality. Movie theater shooting. A man became a woman. Josh Duggar. Jared Fogle. A white woman was black. Lives matter. Heroes on a French Train. A dentist killed a lion. Bill Cosby. Planned Parenthood. A court clerk in Kentucky refused to do her job. Nurses got dissed on The View. A NY rat ate pizza. The Pope came to America. A kid made a clock. South Carolina flooded. Water on Mars. Hurricane Patricia broke the scale. KC Royals. Starbucks made a red cup. Christmas started too early for some. Paris bombings. Syrian refugees. ISIS. Doug Flutie’s parents both died on the same day. Hover boards. Adele. San Bernadino. Saint West. Star Wars. Steve Harvey/Miss Universe. The Weather.

Rachel Dolezal is certainly not the most controversial thing on this list, but can we just talk about her for a minute? At a time when African-Americans were speaking out about racism, this white chick was signing up to be black! She got away with it for 10 years until she was outed by her own parents. The reason she was able to pull it off is that she didn’t portray herself as a caricature or stereotype like so many of the racially confused. She was educated, intelligent, and involved in the black community. She taught African studies and headed a chapter of the NAACP. Last but not least, girlfriend’s hair was on fleek!

You may have missed out on the pizza rat with all the other things going on in the world. Click here to watch. I think it was Splinter carrying a slice of pizza back to the sewer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The dress (is it white and gold or is it blue and black?) was a nice distraction from all the madness. It was an interesting experiment on the human brain. My husband and I looked at the exact same pictures and saw completely different colors. It makes you wonder how much credibility there really is in  an “eyewitness” account.

My hometown made the national news a few times this year. Unfortunately, Memphis made the news twice for the loss of police officers. But on a more whimsical note, a monkey named Zimm escaped from the Memphis Zoo. She was found after three days. I’d love to know what she did during that time. Also, Memphis was named top food town (we do love to eat). Here’s a list of more great things about Memphis this year… Memphis 2015.

2016 promises more controversy and craziness… also known as election year. I hope you had a great 2015. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I appreciate your support and feedback. Happy New Year!


Penny For Your Thoughts (by Eddie)

dog blog, Eddie


A lot has happened since the last time you saw me (Read my last post here). This week we celebrated my 8th birthday. The cake was Oreo flavored.

I mentioned in my last blog post that the human children in my pack grew up and left home. The youngest one has been living in a place called Knoxville for the last five years. She came back home in May and brought her dog Penelope with her. She is planning to buy a house, but until then she and Penelope live here at my house. Penelope, or Penny, is a Corgi. She’s my size and can keep up with me. We run around the yard all day long and bark at everything and everyone. We do everything together. We fight a lot too. Our humans call us “the terror twins.”


Penny is beautiful. If our humans hadn’t had us “fixed” we could have adorable little Corgi Russell terrier puppies. Or Jacorgis. Whatever.

Penny, Corgi

Penny was just a year old when she came to live here. Jenny (the 10 year old chocolate lab) wasn’t too happy about having another energetic puppy around, but Penny won her over and now they’re good friends.


Penny has a funny food ritual that she does every day. She lays food out in row. She rolls it with her nose until its perfectly straight.  It makes the humans laugh and laugh. They say she’s offering a sacrifice to the food gods.



You may have heard that my Buddy died last summer. He was my best friend and I miss him, but Jenny misses him more. He’s buried at the lake and Jenny lies beside his spot every time we visit.

It has been a bittersweet year. I lost a best friend and gained a new one. Penny’s human is expecting another Corgi puppy to arrive soon. His name is Archie. I hope we will be good friends too, but my humans think I’ll be jealous of him. I’ll let you know how it goes.


What’s In A Name?

Do certain names conjure up specific images when you hear them? Recently a friend asked me if I know Julie who works in my building. Immediately, I began searching my mind for a pretty girl named Julie at work. My friend said nothing about her looks, only her name. My brain assumed that she was pretty. Turns out, he meant Judy – and I do know her.

Apparently, in my mind, Julie is the name of pretty girls. I remember the first Julie I ever met. She was the friend of a neighbor and they were older than me. I had a strange attraction to her. [Not like that, I was just a little girl. There are studies that show that good looking kids get more attention from teachers, make better grades, and are more popular. I was simply following a natural tendency of wanting to be friends with a pretty kid.] I don’t remember the events leading up to it, but I remember her very politely telling me to go away and leave them alone.

I looked at my friend list on Facebook. Only one Julie and, of course, she’s pretty. As are the famous ones like Julie Andrews, Julie Newmar, Julie Bowen and Julie Chen. Then suddenly I remembered a non-pretty Julie… Psycho Julie. She was my own personal version of Single White Female. But one crazy apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch.

Shakespeare said that a rose called by any other name would smell as sweet. But would Julie be as pretty if she were called Helga?


I went through a phase in my early twenties of not liking my own name because I thought it was a little girl name. I went by my formal birth certificate name briefly, but I hated that even more. I realized that the only reason I thought my name was a “little girl” name was that it was my name when I was a little girl! No one is using the names that were popular when I was a kid. There are no little girls named Cindy, Debbie, Lisa, Tammy or Susan. Those names are rapidly becoming the modern equivalent of Mildred and Maude. Even weirder… someday there will be little old ladies named Tiffany, Brittany and McKenzie.

One day at work, a young man came in and asked for one of my coworkers. She was expecting more than one visitor, so she asked if it was Ryan or Frank. My immediate thought was that Ryans are exceptionally good looking (Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Seacrest, Ryan O’Neal), so I said “I think it’s Frank.” In Frank’s defense, let me explain. I’m not saying he was unattractive. I’m saying he wasn’t “Ryan attractive.” And by the way, I was right. He was Frank.

I found a baby name book years ago that listed the stereotypes associated with names rather than the meaning. It was very interesting. I looked up my kids’ names. Lauras have high IQs and Melissas are sexy. I wish I’d bought that book so I could look up your name for you.

If you really want the truth about name association, ask a teacher. An article in Business Insider surveyed 30,000 teachers who revealed the names of troublemakers (Read here). The article also states that kids with names beginning with C and D tend to make those grades, while kids with A and B names don’t seem to correlate.

Don’t worry if you’re an Average Joe or just any Tom, Dick or Harry. If Shakespeare was right, it’s just a name. You’ll still smell good.