2016: Get Thee Behind Me!

At year’s end, bloggers feel compelled to write a recap. But who in their right mind would want to remember 2016? As Americans, nay as human beings, we collectively experienced a pretty rotten year full of protests, anger, division, terrorism, and loss. This is a humor blog, dedicated to finding the funny side of any given situation, but 2016 made it difficult to find the funny. 2016 owes us an apology!

This year, we suffered an inordinate number of celebrity deaths. We began the year by losing David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glen Frey within a few days of each other. Soon after we lost Prince. We lost some of our favorite tv parents: Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke. John Glenn was the last man with The Right Stuff. At the end of the year, we lost Carrie Fisher then her mother, Debbie Reynolds, the very next day. I can’t list them all, or what they meant to me, but on a personal note, Debbie Reynolds affected me the most.

While not technically a death, in 2016 saw the end of Brangelina, a couple that probably no one was rooting for in the first place. We often find ourselves taking sides in divorce, but this is the first time I can recall the masses siding with a third party. Most who gave a crap about this ending, gave it to Jennifer Aniston, the scorned ex-wife of the “Bra” part of Brangelina. Apparently, he lost the “d” in the divorce.

There were more boycotts and protests this year than I can recall. The Oscar boycott. National anthem protests. Political protests. Brexit. Remember last year when our biggest debate was whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold? Unfortunately, 2016 in America was dominated by the worst election year ever. We were expected to choose between the two most unpopular candidates in American history. What are the odds that the two worst candidates would both be running for president at the same time?

This year also brought several new words and phrases into our collective vocabulary that I would love to retire: Sheeple, Get Woke, a certain P word that we heard way too much on tv, and my personal favorite… private email server.

While 2016 had a terrible year, by comparison, many of us were able to look at our personal lives and realize that we had a pretty good year. If 2016 were a person, he or she would probably be more disliked than the aforementioned presidential candidates (although that’s hard to imagine). Most people just want it to go away and leave us alone, but 2016 did have a few shining moments. The Olympics brought us much pride, (if you forget about Ryan Lochte). The market is up. Unemployment is down. The Cubs won the World Series after a 108 year wait.

When a year is this awful, it gives us hope that the next one can only get better. Agreeing on that point may be the first step in coming together again. Before you know it, we’ll find that we have more in common than 2016 allowed us to see. Let’s hope that all the bad that came with this year will leave with it. Lift your glasses high and say goodbye to 2016.

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  1. david locke

    Always a fun read, and a great look back. Getting to retire in 2016, allowed me to look at the whole year through rose colored glasses.


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