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If You’re Not Too Busy

I haven’t written a blog post in two weeks because I’ve been too busy. I’m not accustomed to this. I should clarify that… I’m always busy at work. But in real life, I avoid being burdened with more than I can or want to do. I’d like to say that I’m too busy to exercise, but the truth is I’m just too lazy.

When people talk about how busy they are, I don’t know if they’re complaining or bragging. Am I supposed to be impressed or feel sorry for them?  I feel especially bad for kids with busy lives. The ones who have a schedule for every waking moment. I understand parents wanting their kids to be well-rounded and to have activities that keep them out of trouble, but when do they have time to daydream, play, create and just be a kid?

Some people thrive on being busy, but I’m not a fan. When I have a busy weekend, even if it’s doing things I enjoy, I feel like I didn’t have a weekend at all. I believe that taking time to do nothing is just as important as trying to do everything.

I was crazy busy when I was single. I had to work two jobs to stay afloat. I owned a home, which is like having another job. Plus, I had two kids which is another full-time job – Just ask any stay-at-home mom! Now that I’m married, I only have to work one job and my husband does way more than I do around the house. This leaves a lot more time for the pursuit of happiness.

Recently though, I’ve been a busier than usual. This is temporary and will soon be back to normal. But, in the mean time, I’m not getting everything done that needs to be done. For instance, I normally pray every night. The week of Easter (also known as Holy Week), I found myself unusually busy. When I finally sat down to pray I realized that it had been a few days. I said to God, “This is your biggest week of the year and I’ve barely spoken to you!”

Isn’t that how it is with being busy? We’re getting so much done and yet getting nothing done. We put the important stuff on the back burner to get all this busy-ness done. Whether it’s a blog, God, home, family or friends, something gets neglected when we get busy. Worst of all, we neglect ourselves. We put ourselves on whatever is behind the back burner. When things finally slow down, we find ourselves shoved in the back of a cabinet somewhere and say “Hey, I remember you.”

When you read this, I hope you’ll remember to take some time for yourself. Pencil yourself in. Pull yourself out of that dark cabinet, dust yourself off and take yourself out for ice cream. Lie on a hammock. Look for shapes in the clouds. Take time to appreciate the flower bed that you’ve worked so hard on. Do nothing. As long as it’s something just for you that you would really appreciate you doing for you!


Hey Man!

A few weeks ago, my friend Ruth and I were downtown having dinner with other friends. Afterwards, we were returning to her car in a nearby parking garage. When the elevator opened on our floor, there stood a guy that I know, but his name escaped me. I searched my entire brain for his name. This wasn’t just some guy I pass in the halls at work, I know him. Why can’t I think of his name?! This memory loss thing has been going on for a few years. I don’t know if it’s a temporary side effect of the hormonal changes of menopause or a much too early sign of old age. Either way, it’s annoying and terrifying.

Here I am face-to-face with someone I know very well whose name I can’t remember, but I want to say something. So, as I’m exiting the elevator, I pat him on the arm and say “Hey man, how ya doing?”  He looked down at me, and I mean way down, because this guy is tall, and he says “I’m good. How are you?”  When I heard his voice, it hit me. I don’t know him, I know his face. I know his face because I’ve seen it on my television hundreds of times. This is the comedian Billy Gardell. The Mike of Mike & Molly. OMG!  I just said “hey man, how ya doing?” to a celebrity!

By the time I realized who he was, I’d already passed him so I turned around and welcomed him to Memphis and asked what he was doing here. He said he was filming a show. I told him I was a fan and he thanked me for watching. Ruth, who was my ride home, never stopped walking, never turned around. She’s making a beeline for her car because she is either a) unimpressed, b) embarrassed, or c) in a hurry. More likely, all three. So I’m continually walking, albeit backwards, to keep up with her while welcoming this celebrity to my hometown.

It’s not that celebrities don’t come to Memphis. They do. As a matter of fact, the very next day Ozzy Osbourne was spotted in Memphis. Also, I work in a pediatric hospital. As you have probably seen on the Internet, celebrities visit pediatric hospitals quite often. Johnny Depp has visited a children’s hospital in full Captain Jack Sparrow attire. I recently read that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson visited kids at a hospital in Chattanooga. Hello Dwayne if you’re reading this, the nurses, I mean, sick kids in Memphis would love to see The Rock! 

But this wasn’t your average, run-of-the-mill, celebrity sighting. This guy was in a parking garage… alone. If Ruth hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would’ve stopped to give him directions. There’s no way he could know that when he arrived on the first floor he would need to make a quick right, another quick right, a quick left and then follow the hallway out of the building.  And maybe I would’ve asked him to take a selfie with me to post on my blog so people would believe me.

When I hopped into the passenger side of Ruth’s car, she said “I can’t believe you didn’t try to take a selfie with him.” Believe me I would have if I hadn’t been afraid that she was going to leave me there.

So that’s my embarrassing brush with celebrity story. And here’s as close as I’ll ever get to a selfie with Billy Gardell….


Blogging in the Dark

Sometimes I dictate my blog while driving. Every time I do, let me repeat Every. Single. Time. Someone honks at me.  I don’t acknowledge them for two reasons…

Reason one… Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, it’s too dark to see them. I’m driving on a two lane stretch of highway. The speed limit is 65 and we consider that to be a suggestion not a maximum. There are no streetlights. It’s darker than dark and some idiot is riding right beside me honking. I’m not going to take my eyes off the road to see what they want.

Just a week earlier, I was driving to work with the sunrise. No one hates winter more than I do, and the early morning sunrise is a sure sign that spring is here. But the US government, in its infinite wisdom, wants daylight to be at the end of the day, not in the morning. So we sprung forward and now I’m driving to work in the dark again. School children (who don’t vote) are standing at the bus stops in a darkness that is whatever color is darker than black, so that grown-ups can have more daylight after work. Apparently, changing the clock makes more sense than changing your work hours.

Reason number two that I don’t acknowledge the honker beside me… I’m pretty sure I know that if I could see them, I’d see flailing arms and gestures insinuating that I should “put that phone down!” Remember before cell phones were invented, when there were no car accidents, no one ever veered into the wrong lane, no one sat still at a green light because they weren’t paying attention? Me neither! But these days cell phones bear the entire blame every time someone does something stupid in traffic.

The irony is that this person is so offended by my dictating into a phone, but sees nothing wrong with driving around in the dark peering into other people’s cars to monitor their activities. Who’s the distracted driver here? Talking to Siri does not require me to take my eyes off the road.  It’s far less distracting than if I were talking to a passenger in my car. Or looking to see who is honking at me.

So, if that was you honking at me and I ignored you, I apologize. I assumed you were a cell-phone-hating-monitor-of-other-people’s-activities psycho who wanted to stop me from blogging.