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Jenny: A Story About a Girl Dog

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know all about my dogs. It has been less than two years since I wrote about losing Buddy, our black lab (Read here). Now, our chocolate lab Jenny, has left us and joined Buddy. She was our only girl dog and she was more girl than dog. Jenny was surrounded by boy dogs and her motto was “Boys Are Stupid!”

Buddy’s new friend

Buddy was a one-year-old puppy with only an old, worn out lab to play with when we decided that the puppy needed a puppy. That’s how Jenny came into our lives. She was named after Jenny in Forrest Gump but they had little in common. Our Jenny was not blond, nor did she get mixed up in drugs. But then again, they did have some things in common. She loved a boy (dog) she’d known her whole life and had his baby (two of them, actually). They were like peas and carrots. And she did love to dangle.

Jenny and Buddy

Peas and carrots

Jenny dangling

More dangling

While the stupid boys (her words, not mine) were rolling in stinky things, Jenny loved to smell flowers and scented lotions. There was one particular sunscreen that she loved so much, she’d lick it right off of you if she had the chance.

smelling flowers

She always sat with her feet crossed, like a lady. Even on her last day…

real girl dog

She was a lady

When Jenny was much too young, she and Buddy “eloped” in the back yard. This lone encounter resulted in two baby boy dogs. One looked like Jenny, the other like Buddy. Jenny took one look at them and said, “Great, more stupid boys.” She did grow to love them. So much so, that she was very mad at me when I gave them away.

JJ and BJ

Jenny’s babies

Jenny had dog beds all over the house. Her favorite was a dark brown bed that we kept in the kitchen. She blended in with it so well that we often couldn’t find her anywhere only to find that she was camouflaged in her big brown bed. I never caught her doing it, but she moved that bed around and rearranged the pillows all by herself. I don’t know how.

Her second favorite spot was in the “dog room.” Yes, my dogs are so spoiled that they have their own room. There’s a kennel in there and she slept on the inside while the boy dogs were relegated to the top. It’s sort of a doggie duplex. After she was gone, I pulled her bedding out of the kennel to wash everything. Besides the two lambskin mats, there was a matching robe. A robe! My dog had a robe in her cage! Where did she get a robe? Did she go shopping? I’ve never seen it before. It’s not mine. I have NO clue.

dog robe

Jenny’s robe

Jenny didn’t like loud noises like thunder or the smoke alarm. Despite the fact that she was a dog, she hated barking. While the boy dogs barked at any and everything, Jenny wanted as far away from that noise as she could get. If she wanted in or out, she would shake her head so that her collar jingled. If we didn’t hear her, she would eventually resort to a bark. If we heard a bark, we knew that she’d already been trying to get our attention for a while and we’d better move quickly. She trained us very well.

Jenny was my husband’s favorite dog. Unfortunately, he was out of town when we lost her. He had to say goodbye to her on Facetime. I really hoped that she could make it until he got back, but she just couldn’t hold out any longer.

Eddie, the Jack Russell, and our last remaining dog, loved Jenny like she was his mother. He took care of cleaning her face every day. Eddie and I spent her last night next to her on the floor. He knew what was coming. She died on a Sunday morning. That night, when Eddie wanted to go outside, he shook his head and made his collar jingle. He had never done that before. For the next few days, every time he ate, he laid two pieces of food on the floor. I suppose these are Eddie’s tributes to his mama. I know that he misses her.


I like to think that Jenny has found Buddy and they’re on a lake somewhere, together.