Monthly Archives: August 2017

You Can’t Get There From Here

I was driving from an adjoining town back into the city where I’ve lived my entire life. On my way to my daughter’s house I needed to stop for a few items to make dip for a party the next day. There’s a new, spacious Kroger grocery store near her house which was my destination. On a stretch of highway I’ve driven at least once a week since I was 16, I took the wrong exit. One exit too soon. No problem, I thought. Right across the street from the bottom of the exit ramp was an entrance ramp that would take me right back to where I left off. I got back on the interstate and found out that my intended exit was not an option from this location. What? I’ve heard the expression “you can’t get there from here,” but now it’s my reality

I knew that the next exit would take me to Arkansas, but I managed to avoid that. I finally wormed my way around to Union Avenue – the elusive exit – when my husband called me. I’m normally capable of multitasking (what woman isn’t) but I struggled to carry on a conversation with my husband while simultaneously looking for the new store. Of course, I passed right by it. UGH! What should have been a 20 minute drive has now become an hourlong trek. After my unplanned tour of Memphis, I finally arrived at the mall-sized Kroger. I don’t know how I missed it. The parking lot was so massive that my walk from car to store qualified as a workout. On the bright side, I knew that a store this size was sure to have the three simple ingredients I needed to make dip. Except that it didn’t. When I didn’t find my first item, I thought I could improvise. Then I went looking for item number 2. Sold out. There was no point in looking for the last thing I needed.

Perhaps it’s not that you can’t get there from here, but rather you don’t need to bother getting there.

So I took the hike back to my car and drove to a very small, very old Kroger that will surely be put out of business by the YUGE new grocery store nearby. I scored a spot close to the door in the small parking lot. I found all three of the things I needed and was on my way within minutes. After all the chaos, I did forget to pick up a fourth item that my daughter requested, but…

Yes, to answer your question, I did buy myself some chocolate. Order has been restored.