Lost Remote

We recently lost our tv remote. When I say “we,” I mean me. I was the only human in the house when it went missing, but I feel better pretending it was a group effort. I knew the lost remote couldn’t have gone far, because I had barely moved all day. I had just used it. I was binge watching a show on Netflix. If you’re familiar with Netflix, you know that it automatically shows episode after episode without you having to do a thing. But every now and then Netflix gets all insecure and wants to make sure you’re still paying attention. It asks “Are you still watching?”  It reminds me of my kids when they were little… “Mommy, look at me. Look what I can do!”

I had just reassured Netflix that I was in fact still watching when I got up to let the dogs out. When I returned, I wanted to rewind a few seconds to see if I’d missed anything, but couldn’t find the remote anywhere.  I’d been sitting in my husband’s recliner the whole time. Usually, he’s in his chair and I’m on the couch. But he wasn’t home and his chair is closer to the heater, so that’s where I was camped out for the day.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Netflix would need my validation. I had to find the remote before it asked me, “Do you still love me? Am I still pretty?”

lost remote

Last known location

I looked under the chair and in the chair. I shoved my arm between the seat and the arm of the chair. Back when I was a kid, this was my primary source of income. If the ice cream man was coming down our street, I headed straight to the couch and dived for lost change. This time, there was no money. There was also no remote. I found lint and dog hair. Then I had to do the other side with the same hairy results. (Remind me to get the vacuum cleaner out as soon as we’re finished here). I looked all over the house, even though I knew it never left the chair. I looked in the kitchen and bathroom just in case I carried the lost remote with me and left it there. When my husband got home he looked in all the same places. He even looked in my car. As if!

For the next few days, we used the television the old fashioned way. Living like the Amish, we changed the channel and volume manually.  Then one night, the tv was acting really weird. It would randomly pause for no reason, change channels by itself, just basically had a mind of its own. Then I noticed that every time the tv did something strange, my husband was leaning back, readjusting his chair, or fidgeting. I knew the lost remote had to be in his chair somewhere. So we lifted the chair and shook it. Suddenly the remote fell out of the chair on to the floor.

They say something isn’t really lost until Mama can’t find it, but this Mama couldn’t find it. So I thought it was really lost. There’s got to be a lesson in there somewhere… Never Give Up. Don’t Quit. If you believe it, you can achieve it. I don’t know, but we’re back to living in the 21st century and all is right with the world.

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4 thoughts on “Lost Remote

  1. Erby

    We thought we lost our remote during our last move. Perry decided to order one from Amazon, on second thought, since we are ordering one, let’s just get two, so this never happens again. Both remotes came in the evening we found the missing one.
    We haven’t lost it again since.

  2. david locke

    Never lost my remote, but if I did, I would have to find the TV owners manual to figure out how to operate it Amish style.


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