Moving Day Approaches

I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. I’m sure that both of my readers have wondered where I’ve been! We’ve decided to move and every spare minute has been devoted to packing up the things worth keeping and getting rid of the rest. The more time I spend on “the rest” the more I wonder why I’ve had it all this time. As moving day approaches, I have to become less sentimental and more practical about what stays and what goes.

When we got married, fifteen years ago, I moved into my husband’s house and sold mine. With two fully furnished houses, you can imagine how much stuff we had. The bulk of my stuff was boxed up and put in a storage shed, never to be thought about again. Now I’m sifting through it all. Let me tell you the kinds of things I held onto all this time…

Skinny clothes

A whole box of clothes that didn’t fit me when I moved here but I hung on to them, waiting for the day that I’d magically lose weight. I have heard that weight loss is a real-life possibility. I’ve read about it and I’ve seen it on tv.

“No dieting or exercise and she lost 17 inches!” This is code for “she lost one inch but we measured her in 17 places and added them up.”

Weight loss may be a reality for some, but it doesn’t happen to me. So, the clothes have to go. If I had donated the skinny clothes when they first became too skinny, someone could have acquired some nice stylish clothes. But now I’ll have to donate them to a museum of 90s fashion.

Kids stuff

It wasn’t hard to get rid of the skinny clothes, but I can’t part with my daughters’ drawings from elementary school. Or the toys that kept them busy and playing together for hours. Or their favorite books that they couldn’t put down. Or the little pink dress they each wore home from the hospital. Or their little baby blankets. Or their jerseys from the various sports they played. I’ll pack these things and move them with me one more time – using the excuse that I’m saving them for my grandchildren. I know my non-existent granddaughter well enough to know that she would love to have a glow-in-the-dark American Girl sleeping bag.

If I don’t get grandchildren, then my daughters will have to decide what to do with all of their old things when I die. That’s what they get for not giving me grandchildren! 

Every Disney Movie Ever Made on VHS

Why did I store these treasures in the hottest place on Earth?! I don’t know if they’ll still play. I can’t put them in the VCR to find out if they work, because it could ruin it, And where would I find another VCR in 2017? I don’t want to part with them because they represent the countless hours my kids and I spent watching them. Maybe I could borrow your VCR to see if they still play.

Miscellaneous Crap

As I went through each box, determining the value of their load, I found things that never should have made their way in. Grocery receipts. Old calendars. And why do I still have one of these?

The Boyfriend Box

The saddest part of my purging adventure in the shed was finding The Boyfriend Box. This box contained everything that every boyfriend gave me during the eight years I was single. Three boyfriends, one box, no bigger than a half a loaf of bread. It’s sad that it all fit in such a tiny box. There were letters and cards, movie tickets, a watch case, a few good memories and a whole lotta lies. That box went directly to the garbage where it should have gone decades ago.

But don’t let that bring you down. I get to walk out of this storage shed and into the house with the best boyfriend-turned-husband a girl could ask for. We’re moving to our happy place and have many years of happiness ahead of us.


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9 thoughts on “Moving Day Approaches

    1. DEB Post author

      We bought a DVD/VCR combo when DVDs were new. We had so many video tapes and didn’t want to start all over.
      We did have cassettes until recently. We gave them to a kid who developed a new obsession for them.

  1. Margaret Deskin

    We just moved and we do have our cassettes and Christian has a boom box with a cassette/CD player, so we’re covered. Some of my best Christmas music is in those cassettes! I did have him take the TV/VCR combo to Goodwill. I came across an old VCR player that I’m not sure was the actual working one we had, but I’m holding on to it because of our Disney videos. I don’t really have a reason to buy them in DVD form — besides, by the time I would need to play them, they’ll probably have some newfangled media for them! I have all the American Girl dolls and their clothes and furniture and even some of my doll furniture and all my Barbies. It wasn’t a big deal when we had a basement, but apparently those are scarce here in California! And of course, I culled the stuffed animals to only the most meaningful and then there are the little girl dresses . . . And I still have my nursery furniture — I think I will be selling that soon, though. Obviously a 27 year old crib is not up-to-par on the safety features . . .

    I drive Tom crazy with this stuff.

    1. DEB Post author

      We had more storage space in the house we’re selling and I didn’t realize how much it was until now.
      Nursery furniture?! Yes, I think it’s safe to part with that. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one holding on to these things.

  2. Dale

    Ah Debby- first off, sorry to see you leave the neighborhood, but to go to such a great place is so worth it.

    After 2 moves in the past 10 years I thought I had culled everything that could be culled without me having a sentimental breakdown. But dang, before I move again (probably next year) I have to have another yard sale. (Big sigh here.) I have either 4 or 5 old video cameras each one smaller and different than the previous and there’s nothing to play the cassettes on but the cameras! Those have Chris and Alli’s baby movies on them-priceless! I have the American Dolls, too, and a whole plastic bin of worthless Beanie Babies. (They were going to be worth a fortune some day, right?!) Neither of my kids is sentimental but I am and it kills me to think that the few things that I got from my mother who got them from her grandmother who brought them with her from Germany in the 1880s will be put on a shelf or worse.

    So, like you I hold on to them and hope maybe someone will want them.

    Best wishes on your new adventure!

    1. DEB Post author

      You cannot get rid of those German dolls! I have old videos that will only play on the camera that filmed them too. I keep the videos even though I can’t watch them. I also have a plastic bin full of beanie babies! And you and I are not hoarders. Imagine how much stuff those folks have!

  3. david locke

    Hey Debby, hope the move went well. I dread the day I have to get into the crawl space and sort through all the keepsakes that I can’t, or Terri won’t let me, throw out. Like y’all, I have a ton of Disney movies, (vhs) at least two copies of most every beanie baby ever made, crates of kids books, more kids clothes than Wal-mart, and enough various toys to compete with Toys Are Us, all waiting on those mythical grandchildren.
    It’s funny you found a Blockbuster card, when I was in Alaska last month I saw a blockbuster store in Anchorage.


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