Working from Home vs. Going to Work

Have you ever wondered if you would enjoy working from home? This blogpost is not going to help you find a work at home job. You’re on your own for that. I’m just here to tell you the good and bad, the pros and cons, so that you can decide it working from home is right for you.

Work from home in one easy step

  1. Wake up. Walk to your home office.

Everything else, literally everything, is a personal choice when working from home. Whether to shower or not. Whether to stay in your pajamas (or your birthday suit). When to eat. When to go to the gym. When to speak to people.

PROS: There’s not enough room to list all the reasons that working from home is a plus. But here are just a few: No traffic, no road rage, the bathroom is closer, the bathroom is private, no way-too-perky-this-early-in-the-morning coworkers, no one will see your bad haircut or the zit that popped up overnight, the cafeteria has all your favorites, you can talk to yourself without anyone knowing, you control the office temperature, you’re the office DJ, and your dog will be happier.

CONS: You might miss having human interaction with coworkers. Some people say they get distracted working from home. They find themselves wanting to get household chores done. I have no such desires on or off the clock.

Let’s compare working from home to going to work

  1. Alarm goes off. There’s no point in hitting the snooze button. Your full bladder isn’t letting you go back to sleep.
  2. Stumble to bathroom. Try to think of an excuse not to go to the gym today. Tell yourself for the 3,650th day in a row that if you keep going, you’ll see some results soon.
  3. Obligatory workout.
  4. Come home, shower, wash hair, shave whatever you shave, brush teeth.
  5. Look at the clock. You have plenty of time.
  6. Let the dog out.
  7. Still sweating from gym, now blow dry your hair and sweat some more.
  8. Try to apply make up to still sweating face.
  9. Let the dog in.
  10. Feed the dog.
  11. Make breakfast for everyone but yourself.
  12. Stare at your closet.
  13. Look at the clock. OMG!
  14. Let the dog out again.
  15. Pack your lunch. If you have kids, pack their lunches too.
  16. Let the dog in.
  17. Stare at your closet again.
  18. Look at the clock. You should have left 10 minutes ago and you’re not dressed.
  19. Get dressed.
  20. Running out the door, realize you haven’t eaten breakfast. Grab something quick that can be eaten in the car. Most likely a high calorie carb that will negate your workout.
  21. After all that rushing around, you’ll finally get to slow down and relax while sitting still in traffic.
  22. Look at the clock again. OMG!

4 thoughts on “Working from Home vs. Going to Work

  1. Erby

    Sounds like working from home is a good fit for you! Congrats. It wasn’t for me. I felt as though I worked more from home and accomplished less, it was always right THERE, so I never got work off of my mind. I like to be able to leave work at work, and not bring it home me. I sometimes enjoy the challenging morning rush, but ALWAYS enjoy the ‘Ah, I’m home, feeling’ when I come in the door. Home sweet home. I’ll just keep driving, and besides, I like my car.

  2. david locke

    Not one time in my whole life has going to the gym been part of my morning routine, however looking in the mirror these days, maybe I should change my routine. Good luck working from home.


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